Time on Your Heels shown at Culturele Zondagen

The four-part series The Time on Your Heels from Sherman De Jesus will be shown twice in its entirety at the Culturele Zondag. This time, the theme is Young, Younger, Youngest. The serie will also be shown on Saturday as a part of the PlusXperience.

The Time on Your Heels is an ode to the mysterious beauty that you can discover in someone if he or she gets older. Is the secret that elderly share together perhaps that you might not really change in all these years? Maybe your body, but not yourself? The series follows a number of men and women to find out how they deal with aging and what it means for them and their environment.

Saturday October 27th, 20.45 hours, Grand Hotel Karel V, Utrecht
Sunday October 28th, 13.00 hours, Grand Hotel Karel V, Utrecht


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