A Shtetl in the Caribbean


A Shtetl in the Caribbean



Press kit NL

Press Kit UK

Film stills

Writer & Director

Sherman De Jesus

Director Of Photography

Bernd Wouthuysen


Sound Recordist

Menno Euwe


Sound Recordist Curaçao & Miami

Hens Van Rooij



Sander Kuipers


Interpreter & Guide Ukraine & Belarus

Serhiy Bilichenko


Archive Research

Olivia Buning

Milly Schloss

Nanelia Walvenzao


Assistant Production

Mathijs Jorritsma

Tim Van Velzen



Sterre Schout



Justus Van De Kamp

Charlotte De Windt

InVision Ondertiteling BV


Original Score

Randal Corsen


Music Performed By

Randal Corsen & The Mantangi Quartet


Music Recorded By

Paul Pouwer



Power Sound Studio Amsterdam


Sound Design & Mix

Mark Glynne


Sound Editor

Antony Gray


Assistant Sound Design

Selle Sellink



Laurent Fluttert


Online & Post Production

Het Raam Digital Cinema


Mixing Theatre

Cinemeta Digital


Poster Design & Titles

ShoSho | Joost Hiensch

Veronique de Weger



Silvester Broekhuizen


Associate Producer

Herbert Cordt


Producer Joodse Omroep

Marielle Kloosterhuis


Commissioning Editor Joodse Omroep

Alfred Edelstein



Sherman De Jesus

Cécile Van Eijk

A Shtetl in the Caribbean in New York!

A SHTETL IN THE CARIBBEAN tells the compelling story of two childhood friends who grew up on Curaçao, in search for their family history in Eastern Europe.

Mark and Tsale, children of Eastern European Jews that fled to Curaçao, travel back to the home countries of their ancestors. In a documentary road-movie across Curaçao, the United States, Belarus, Ukraine and Israel, we witness their discoveries, courage and despair while they are reminded of the sacrifices their parents had to make to provide their family with a better future.

This unknown story is revealed in a journey from the desolate wastelands of Eastern Europe to the exotic Caribbean, a contrast metaphoric for the history of Mark and Tsale’s ancestors.

A SHTETL IN THE CARIBBEAN originated from a strong emotion: we are all part of the same family, no matter how different we are. The film is also an homage to Curaçao, a small island with a big heart, and a place that has been a safe haven for strangers. Only in such a place a human being can truly build a home.


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