Oerdak- Poem in Progress

Pim Zwier


Aage Hollander


Camera assistant
Dirk-Jan Kerkkamp


Martijn Koot


Menno Euwe
Marc Schmidt


Eline van Wees


Commissioning editor
Omrop Fryslân
Thom Verheul


Sherman de Jesus
Cécile van Eijk


Presskit UK


Memphis Film & Television and Omrop Fryslân

Oerdak – Poem in Progress is a cinematographic and poetic documentary focusing on detail, rhythm and tranquillity. The viewer is given a unique opportunity to see the birth of a poem.

Oerdak – Poem in Progress is an unusual 30-minute Friesian Dutch documentary about the promising Friesian-Dutch poet Elmar Kuiper.

The film is a portrait about the poet’s approach. From the very first words through the audible commentary and self-reflection right up to the final completion of the Dutch-language poem and its public recitation.

The film is not only about the creative process in itself, but also about how Elmar comes to terms with his bilingual self.  He grew up with Friesian, but is bilingual in his head. After several anthologies in the Friesian language, his first Dutch-language anthology appeared recently.

The creative approach of Elmar Kuiper is typified by his cycle rides between the several places where he works. The film shows how the poet finds peace and inspiration in the Friesian landscape.

30 min
Dutch and Friesian spoken (available: English subtitles)


OerdakPoem in Progress is an unusual 30-minute Friesian-Dutch documentary about the promising Friesian-Dutch poet Elmar Kuiper.”
– Uitgeverij Augustus-



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