Sherman De Jesus in Dessau, the centre of Bauhaus

During the Design Forum Dessau at the Hochschule Anhalt FB Design in Dessau the documentary EVERYTHING MUST CHANGE – PIET ZWART was screened with an introduction of the director Sherman De Jesus followed by a Q&A. Dessau is the centre of Bauhaus and design, with buildings and workplaces of the infamous education programme. Many teachers and students of Bauhaus firmly believe that better architecture and housing environment leads to a better, more developed world. Piet Zwart his ideas were similar with the artistic vision and concept of the Bauhaus, where he lectured several times in 1929 as a guest teacher.

EVERYTHING MUST CHANGE – PIET ZWART – A fascinating documentary about Piet Zwart (1885-1977), an idiosyncratic and stubborn designer, who lived for innovation and prepared the way for the international success that is now known as Dutch Design. Piet Zwart worked as an interior and industrial designer, commercial typographer, photographer, critic and lecturer, playing a key role in defining the design climate in the Netherlands in the Twentieth Century.

 Monographs on Art Films (1931 – 1933) by Piet Zwart

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Film: Alles Moet Nieuw – Piet Zwart
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