WhatEver Will Be - Cilla & Ilona

WhatEver Will Be

2013 | Two transgender women, a filmmaker and their struggle for change.

Illiterate at Holland Doc 24

Illiterate by director Chris Westendorp can be seen at Holland Doc 24 for a whole week, starting at Saturday January 21. Illiterate is a film about Anneke, a 29 year old woman who is illiterate and works at a supermarket...

Lost Down Memory Lane in Estonia

Lost Down Memory Lane has been selected for the Worldfilm festival in Estonia, which takes place from 19 to 25 March 2012. Lost Down Memory Lane is a documentary by Klara van Es about the impact of Alzheimer’s disease...

Verdwaald in het Geheugenpaleis

Lost Down Memory Lane

2010 | Lost down Memory Lane directed by Klara Van Es, is the first documentary, about living with Alzheimer’s, as seen through the eyes of the people who suffer from it...

My Dads and Moms

2008 | Luca’s family is special: ‘My moms are lesbian and my daddies are gay, that is how my family works’, she explains...


2007 | Illiterate provides a striking picture of the limited world of Anneke, a young woman who can hardly read. Bravely and brimming with emotions she tackles....

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