Dutch Masters in the 21st century – Henk Peeters

Status: Completed
Dutch Masters in the 21st century is a series of short film portraits of contemporary visual artists in their studio or workshop. The project is intended to grow into an extensive series recording a whole generation of artists. Sherman De Jesus made a portrait of the artist Henk Peeters for Dutch Masters.

Cotton wool, foam rubber, powder puff: Henk Peeters’ (The Hague, 1925- Hall, 2013) work consists of everyday objects that he preferably buys by HEMA or V&D. He takes ordinary utensils out of context, which evokes the question as to what is authentic.

It fits the Zero Movement, that Peeters founded in 1960 with Jan Hendrikse, Armando and Jan Schoonhoven and that would exist until 1965. The questions that Zero asks reflect on the being of things. What is a canvas? What is a painting? What is paint?


Director Sherman De Jesus
Camera Marc Felperlaan
Editor Sander Kuipers
Producer René Mendel, Interakt