Status: Completed
This coming-of-age documentary tells the story of a child of the television generation. Both her fantasy world and her real world are heavily influenced by the hugely popular Australian drama series The Flying Doctors. Filmmaker Nienke Eijsink goes in search of her childhood idol and first love: Doctor Chris Randall from The Flying Doctors, played by Liz Burch.

Her complete childhood is focused on this Doctor Chris Randall. First, she wanted to be her daughter, when she got older, she wanted to be her lover, and finally she wanted to be Chris Randall herself! She would do anything to realize her childhood dream. Nienke tries to come to terms with her developing lesbian feelings by hiding in her fantasy world. She discovers that reality and fantasy should not be confused…

FAN is about chasing your childhood dreams and confronting reality. How does it feel to realize your childhood dream? How far will the filmmaker go? And when will she let go of that childhood dream?


Director & scenario Nienke Eijsink
Editor Chris Teerink en Nienke Eijsink
Sound design Mark Glynne
Music Leo Anemaet