Rijkmuseum & Slavery

Status: Completed
What happens when the most important national museum focuses on Dutch slavery history? This is what Rijkmuseum & Slavery, a highly topical documentary about the development of the slavery exhibition in the Rijksmuseum. This film shows from very close up how painful and wry, but at the same time healing and liberating, putting together this exhibition is. Certainly thanks to the input of people with roots in both the West and the East.

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“☆☆☆☆ – A fascinating documentary.”

– Algemeen Dagblad

“The Rijksmuseum will never be the same again. This documentary shows in a great way why this is and why it is necessary.”

– De Volkskrant

“The documentary is full of confrontational observations and thus makes the viewer think about their own view of history.”

– Trouw


Director & scenario Ida Does
DOP Jurgen Lisse
Camera Milton Kam, Fernando Barrientos, Ricky Cramer, Jefrim Rothuizen, Deen van der Zaken
Sound Dennis Kersten, Mark Wessner, Claas Meier, Sander den Broeder, Jamey Reso, Wouter Veldhuis, Gaston Wallé
Editor Cam Does
Sound design & mix Jeroen Nadorp
Composer Ronald Snijders
Poster Iris Kensmil & Haller Brun
Broadcaster NTR