Still Stage is a Village

The Stage is a Village

Status: Completed
Stage is A Village brings stories together of men and women around the world. They live in Los Angeles, Costa Rica, the Netherlands, Kenya, Philippines and Australia, and try, through Community Theatre, to give a positive spin to their often hopeless existence. Community Theatre has thousands of theatre groups that operate all over the world. Community Theatre uses popular and traditional folk culture elements but varies is style depending on place and project. In a world which also in developing countries is increasingly dominated by commercially oriented electronic media, Community Theatre offers these people a low-cost, low-threshold medium; on their own terms without interference of governmental agencies. It is an effective device for collectively sharing stories, for participating in political dialogue, for promoting intercultural understanding, for breaking through the isolation of individual citizens, in big city as well as in rural settings, and for stimulating social change. How do people manage to continue living? Where do they get the strength to survive in harsh conditions? The local stories that are told in Stage is A Village through Community Theatre are presented in a passionate and creative way to an audience the rarely or never visits the regular theatre, are sensational. Stage is a Village is the first documentary that is made from an intercontinental comparative point of view.


Director Rod Prosser
Producers Sherman De Jesus and Cécile van Eijk
Executive Producer Eugene van Erven