Time upon Your Heels

“It’s not time that passes, but you and I; there is no time outside our thoughts.”

– Rutger Kopland

Our world seems obsessed by the fear of growing old. Growing old fascinates us, keeps us busy every day, but really we do want to know anything about it. In Time upon Your Heels, Sherman De Jesus takes an intimate look at old people and tries to evoke the way the world looks when you grow older. For two years, he followed several men and women from all sections of the population, occasionally for months on end, to find out how they cope with growing older and what it means for them and those around them.

Time upon Your Heels is about what the years and life do with you and shows age as a work of art that forms a continuous process with death. The series is not about the loneliness of getting older but is an ode to the mysterious beauty that you can discover when people get older. A meditation on getting older: If you’re no longer young but not yet old, you think that too. Is the secret that elderly people share maybe that you don’t actually change over the years? Your body does change but you don’t?


Director & scenario Sherman De Jesus
Research Lies Janssen and Rose Mary de Boer
Camera Albert van der Wildt
Sound Carla van der Meijs, Mark Witte, Johan de Ligt, GertJan Miedema, Arnold Vogel and Pander Roskam
Editor Pim Verdonk
Sound design Martin Claassens
Broadcaster NCRV