Zuilen Takes A Deep Breath

In Zuilen Takes a Deep Breath, Esther Pennarts meets Annie Cabo, Truus van Beuningen and Monaïn Kharrate. These inhabitants have the neighbourhood’s best interests at heart as they tell their stories. They’ve had enough of the negative image they’ve been saddled with, living in a problem district. They don’t run away from their problems but confront their neighbours and try to grow closer together to make their district safer and better. Yet the vulnerability of the people remains tangible. It’s still not possible to be really open. If you say what you think, you get frightened. Everything is influenced by the harsh past of the district where the inhabitants had little or no faith in each other or in the local council. Occasionally they manage to make their district a little more pleasant and strengthen their mutual bonds. That gives hope and leads to initiatives, a more positive attitude and renewed respect for each other and their district.


Scenario & director Esther Pennarts
Camera Albert van der Wildt
Sound Marzouk Magouz, Mark Witte, Hugo Lammertse, Fokke van Saane
Editor Maurits Guépin
Sound design Tom Stramrood