Abortion – Right or Wrong

Every year, throughout the world, fifty million women have abortions. In the Netherlands the right to abortion seems so fundamental that it is difficult to imagine that it is still a major issue for many women in the world.

Filmmaker Sherman De Jesus shows the course of a normal day at the oldest abortion clinic Bloemenhove, where the staff is nowadays confronted by anti-abortion demonstrators. The film also tells the open-hearted story of an abortion which takes a surprising turn when a seventeen year old girl and her mother unexpectedly have to face a choice for a second time.

Has this acquired freedom changed personal and social attitudes?
Is a woman’s decision to have an abortion any less painful today than it used to be?


Director & scenario Sherman De Jesus
Camera Albert van der Wildt
Sound Carla van der Meijs, Gertjan Miedema, Pander Roskam, Sander den Broede
Editor Frank van Eijk
Broadcaster Humanistische Omroep