Oerdak- Poem in Progress

Status: Completed
Oerdak – Poem in Progress is a portrait about the style and approach of the poet Elmar Kuiper. Cycling through the meadows of Friesland from the places that inspire him, his first words on paper, an audible commentary and reflection, right up to the final recitation of the poem in a dark theatre. The film is not only about the process of creation itself, but also about how Elmar relates to his bilingual background. He grew up with the Friesian language, but is bilingual in his head. Friesian is clearly his first language. He writes and thinks differently in Dutch. Oerdak – Poem in Progress is one of his first Dutch language poems. The viewer experiences the intimate process of creating a poem from very close by.

As if you crawl inside the head of the poet, as far as is possible.

“Oerdak – Poem in Progress is a special Frisian-Dutch documentary of 30 minutes about the promising Frisian-Dutch poet Elmar Kuiper .”

– Publishing House Augustus


Director Pim Zwier
Camera Aage Hollander
Sound Menno Euwe en Marc Schmidt
Production Eline van Wees
Broadcaster Omrop Fryslân