Arthur Japin has been a writer for 25 years

November 30, 2022
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We congratulate Arthur Japin on his 25th anniversary as a writer. Twenty-five years ago, The two hearts of Kwasi Boachi, Arthur Japin’s first novel, was published. He also wrote the international bestseller, In Lucia’s eyes, for which he received the Libris Literature Prize in 2004.


Arthur Japin and Memphis Film & Television

Arthur Japin wrote for Memphis Film & Television the screenplay for Boy Ecury, the award-winning feature film by Frans Weisz about the black resistance fighter Boy Ecury. A film in which the Aruban businessman Dundun Ecury searches for the remains of his son Boy, who was shot in 1944. For the award-winning documentary Tulip Time about the Trio Lescano by Marco de Stefanis and Tonino Boniotti, Arthur Japin wrote the beautiful text for the voice of Sandra Lescano, one of the Lescano sisters, who met dictator Benito Mussolini. Tulip Time is about the rise and fall of Alexandra, Judith and Ketty Leschan. Their swing music was the European answer to the American Andrew Sisters, but the war put an end to their career.

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