Luxor Award for Sherman De Jesus

November 23, 2022
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The Luxor Theater in Zutphen has decided to award the Luxor Award to filmmaker Sherman De Jesus. After children’s film pioneer Henk van der Linden (1925-2021), who received the Luxor Award in 2016, Sherman De Jesus is the second to receive the prize. He receives the prize for his special oeuvre, which occupies a very unique place within Dutch film.


Sherman De Jesus

Sherman De Jesus was born in Curaçao in 1947. His Antillean background is a common thread through his work, from the television portrait he made in 1974 of the writer Cola Debrot to the cinema documentary The Photograph, in which he uses the portrait of his grandfather Juan De Jesus in Harlem (New York) to search the legendary black photographer James Van der Zee. Sherman also made an intriguing series of documentary portraits about the artists of the Zero movement: Jan Henderikse, Jan Schoonhoven, Piet Zwart and Henk Peeters. De Jesus has been active in the Dutch film world in various positions since 1979. In 1979 he organized the event ‘Film and Taboo’. Two years later, he became the first director of the Nederlandse Filmdagen, the predecessor of the Netherlands Film Festival. In 1994 he founded the production company Memphis Film & Television with his partner Cécile van Eijk.

De Jesus is sinds 1979 in verschillende functies actief in de Nederlandse filmwereld. In 1979 organiseerde hij het evenement ‘Film en taboe’. Twee jaar later werd hij de eerste directeur van de Nederlandse Filmdagen, de voorloper van het Nederlands Film Festival. In 1994 richtte hij met zijn partner Cécile van Eijk het productiebedrijf Memphis Film & Television op.



The Luxor Award ceremony will take place on Saturday the 10th of December, a day before De Jesus’ 75th birthday. The award ceremony is accompanied by the screening of four of his Antillean films in the Pieter Scharphorn room. At the same time, the documentaries about the Zero artists are shown in the Maïté Duval room.

The Luxor Award was designed by artist, bronze caster, coppersmith and silversmith Felo Hettich.

Order your tickets for the Pieter Scharphorn-room here and your tickets for the Maïté Duval room.

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